Are You Living Your Best Life?

Are You Living Your Best Life?

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What makes you happy? Is there something you are really good at doing? If so, why are we so often not doing that for a living? Most will say: “It takes money to start; I have to work this job because it pays the rent, I have too many other obligations to even consider embarking on this dream.” And yes, all of these things occur daily for the average person. I cannot afford to quit my job and pursue my dream full time. That would be irresponsible. However, I refuse to believe there is no way around not living your best life; providing this is one’s true desire.

We have to find balance and then act upon the opportunity when it arises. I can only speak on my behalf when I say, for too long I’ve allowed my dreams to pass by. And why? Because I was too afraid to step out on faith. Too fearful to believe that as an American, I could achieve my fondest dreams. Well, not any more. To refuse to accept limitations is to walk up and grab your passion by the hand taking it with you as you go, instead of leaving it and waiting for it to follow!  

Your best life will never happen if you don’t take the lead. Take, for example, Nicki Minaj. She like so many other aspiring singers did not come from money. The struggle was real. Times were hard, but she knew what she wanted and that drive-that-determination has placed her in the life she’s living now. I’m sure when she was a little girl she told herself; one day, I’m going to be one of the best female rappers. Though some may not agree, and though I don’t watch/follow the Kardashian, Kim K knew what kind of life she wanted and she achieved it. Hard work and dedication will eventually lead to Living Your Best Life!

What is your passion in life? Whatever it is…get out and be the best! Quick Tip: Don’t wait for the opportunity to knock. It’s already there all you need to do is open the door. Live your best life.