Bedroom Shyness

Bedroom Shyness.jpg

Oh the joys of great sex, especially when you can do it anytime of the day, anywhere within reason with the lights on! We know what we like in the bedroom, but often times our insecurities hold us back from being uninhibited and adventurous. If we had the perfect body and could work it like a porn star at the drop of a dime…people could learn to enjoy sex without fear of lights showing “flaws.” Unfortunately or not…a good majority of us don’t have the quote, quote “perfect naked body.”  You know the female body type with perky tits, small waist and voluptuous hips. The guy rocking 6 pack abs, biceps that when wrapped around you, make you feel safe, and appendage size based on your preference. Maybe the assumption is not completely a 100% accurate, but it seems these people could be comfortable with their partner in the nude. When you feel comfortable in your body sex is fun because you’re not hiding from your partner. No need to pull the sheets up to your chin or have a rule that you can only have sex at night with the lights off. Hiding takes away our freedom; it limits our sexual creativity/explorations and causes us to have all sorts of unnecessary self-depreciative thoughts.

Let’s face a little well-known truth “One in four women refuse to keep the lights on during sex — or won’t have sex at all — because they’re ashamed of their bodies”, according to the Daily Mail. When the average person disrobes 38% of us will not like what we see naked. Women; our breast sag, bellies may protrude; stretch marks & scars are visible across a dimly lit room. God bless those who accept and love the body they’re in regardless of what YOU actually see. When you look in the mirror you might see roll after roll after roll but not give two shits what other people think. There is nothing sexier than a confident, not cocky, man or woman no matter their body type. There is no bedroom shyness when traits of swag and sexiness cling to you like butter coating a warm pan. In the bedroom, you’re comfortable with receiving oral, 69ing (if that’s still being done), letting your bae watch while pleasuring yourself and not giving a shit what sex face is displayed!

There is no room for bedroom shyness, unless both of you are content then you can’t fix something that’s not broken; right? However, for those afraid or shy about full nudity why not start slow by learning to accept the naked areas that make you uncomfortable. If it’s your thighs, start wearing clothes that slightly reveal the area around your bae. As you continue to do this not only will you start to become more confident you will see it’s probably not a big deal. Other body parts may obviously be a little harder to reveal to your lover. The key take away message today is to love the shell you’re in. Sex is intriguing, stress relieving, and ultimately fulfilling don’t let sagging tits or a small dick rob your wild side.

What body hang ups do you have that contributes to Bedroom Shyness and are you ready to let them go? Discuss in the comment section below. Quick Tip: Accept and Love what you have. If you can alter it to make it better…, then do it providing it’s your decision. Bedroom Shyness keep so many couples stuck to having sex under the covers or in the dark. Spread eagle in front of your bae. Have them look up close and personal then tell them, “Now fuck me like you just met me!”