Interracial Dating

Photo by Aricka Lewis on Unsplash

Photo by Aricka Lewis on Unsplash

Tell me what you see when you look for love. How do you decide whom you will pursue and who you have no interest in getting to know?  Is it first by attraction? Does the color of one’s skin matter? I’d like to think it does not in this day and age, but unfortunately race still plays a part to some.

Many factors go into deciding on who to date.  Attributes such as age, kindness, sense of humor, intelligence, financial security, height, weight, attractiveness, smokers, drinkers.  Rather than deciding to date or not date based on race let it be on how they treat you not the color of their skin. As these other features are just superficial.

Maybe you grew up being told to date outside of your race is not acceptable. If you bring someone home of a different ethnicity, you’d be disowned. What is on the outside is just a mere covering. A form of protection from the sun and so that we don’t spill out. Underneath this protective layer,… we are all the same. Our bodies function the same, so why does it matter if my skin is white, black, or brown when deciding to pursue or not to pursue?

Some may not share this same opinion, and that’s okay, but to exclude someone based on their skin color for any reason… that’s not okay. Now, to exclude someone based on his or her thoughts or actions…is entirely different.  It really is not about what the person looks like on the outside it’s about their character. I’m sure you’ve heard it before that love has no color (there are even songs about it), and it’s true. Why we choose to be angry or cut our love ones off because they love someone of a different color should never be the norm.

To interracial daters, if people stare when you are out in public and say aloud (or secretly), “I can’t believe they are together”… Screw them! Remember, the only two things that matter in life are - Are you happy and are you being treated right? If you answered “Yes” to both questions, then to hell with the naysayers!

What have you experiences been with interracial dating? Has skin color ever stopped you from pursuing someone of interest? Leave comments below.

Dear238 Quick Tip: Let them stare and let them talk, as they secretly wish they were in your shoes.