Is This Your Future?

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Is This Your Future?

Something peculiar, yet fascinating, happened in the 1990’s that would change man forever. This phenomenon would later become a staple in every man, woman and child’s life and the world as we once knew it would never be the same again. It’s no mystery that technology is taking over and computer's capabilities are advancing every second. Let’s take a trip from where we started to where we are now in the context of dating.

Remember in Junior High/High School asking your BFF to let your crush know you liked them. Perhaps you related to a good friend, after sharing a few beers, who would introduce a shy buddy to the hottie sitting at the bar. Last but not least, the rest of us whose family members always tried to set us up with someone they knew, or maybe you’d meet someone at church. Everyone would say "love will find you when you least expect it"  Yeah, right! That statement still makes me laugh out loud (LOL.) We didn’t have emoji’s, birdies (Twitter), faces with books (Facebook), grams that are instant (Instagram), etc., to let others know how we felt. I am a new and true social media user - believe it or not - and a fan of all these avenues. This is likely the reason online dating has been sweeping the globe. What used to be taboo and unheard of is now the new norm. Moreover, it saves a shit load of time and often eliminates the awkwardness of rejection in person. Yes, even with technology, rejection can be painful but that’s beside the point. What I’m trying to say is that we are losing the true art of communication. Our thumbs are faster than our brain (we don't even think about what we are texting sometimes). Again, I am a proponent for social media. We should be able to thrive in both worlds.

I spend a great deal of my 24 hours in front of an electronic communication apparatus, in which eight of those hours are during work, four to six hours of television/blogging/meme posting (depending on the day of week) and one to two hours on mobile phone speaking/You Tubing… Oh Yeah!!  No one, including this blogger, would trade what the future has provided via these means because it’s perfect for sharing special face time moments with love ones on opposite ends of the country and even getting to know that cutie from an online dating site.

However, with all the above said, we need to move from behind the screen and spend more time facing one another instead of “face booking” each other. Online dating is a great way to learn about someone, meet someone that otherwise may not have crossed your path and “break the ice” in the comfort of your home wearing your favorite PJs. What we should try to avoid is becoming complacent to the extent that we only feel comfortable when communicating this way. 

How many hours a day do you spend online?

Dear238 Quick Tip: Computers make our lives easier though they can never replace human interactions (but they are trying). This blogger is guilty as charged for overusing social media. If you relate to this, try not to sit behind a screen for hours on end missing an opportunity to get out and live your life.