Never Too Old

Think you’re too old to date or fall in love? That no one will want you? Or maybe you question, “What can I possibly offer someone? “ Well think again, because none of the above is true! First, you have to let go of this way of thinking. Understand that there is someone out there for everyone. More importantly, know that love can find us at any age, at any time, when we least expect it and sometimes we do actually find it when we are looking for it! However, when we do go looking for it, it can be a bit more challenging to find. Just because you’re over a certain age and have been single a long time doesn’t mean you have to remain alone. There are a variety of dating sites to find your match where you can select your location, desired traits, and personal interests. It’s ok to be alone if that’s your choice but with a plethora of choices, you can search for love in the privacy in your own home.

Companionship isn’t just about sex. I’m sure we’ve all heard that sex is sometimes overrated. Many times people think that sex is most of the relationship when in actuality most people probably only spend about 5-10 minutes in the act itself before it’s over. For the few who surpass this period or can continue on like energizer bunnies well …good for you! BTW, I sincerely mean that. For most though, you really need more than just a sex partner.  It’s good to get out and do things like taking long Sunday drives in the country, go to dinner, to a movie, a Broadways show, or just visit local parks in your area to sit and talk. I am in no way implying sex is not important because it is. Do not ignore your desires; they are just as valid today as they were at any other time in your life.

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Dear238 Quick Tip: Dating is about the willingness to search the internet, get out and meet a potential interest, while just having fun. Allowing yourself to have these experiences can be the gateway to love.