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Love… it makes the world go around. It can be the best thing one minute and rip your heart out the next.  We have all these terms that we use to describe what happens to us when love comes in our lives. We say we are “falling in love,” we are “head over heels” for someone, and we were “swept off our feet.”  Why do we describe it as an act that is not enjoyable? I don’t know about you, but I do not enjoy “falling” and the thought of tumbling “head over heels” or being “swept off my feet” does not sound very pleasant either.  When you are first falling in love you get the sensation of “butterflies” in the stomach – which if you think about that one – who on earth would want butterflies flying around in their stomach?! One might say you “lose your heart” to someone – um hello, if I lost my heart, I’d be dead. 

You may get “weak in the knees” or “tongue-tied” when you are near the person you love or even just talking to them over the phone – if I wanted to have difficulty speaking I’d ask for a Novocain shot from my dentist. Your heart may start pounding, your pulse racing, or maybe you get a little tingling or electric jolt when you touch each other – why don’t I just rub my feet against the carpet and then touch metal if I want a shock? When you are in love you feel as if you can never spend enough time together, and once you are together you lose track of time – I can think about many things that can make you lose track of time.

The term “puppy love” is used when we are younger – I love dogs, but I don’t want my emotional feelings toward another person to be described in terminology of dogs. Then there’s “to only have eyes for,” “love at first sight,” “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “love is blind” – it’s like being a horse and putting blinders on. If you “wear your heart on your sleeve” – you will definitely get some strange looks.  

All joking aside, these are typical love idioms that we hear all the time. Love is special and meaningful when you find the right person. One should never stop searching because love is all of these wonderful emotional experiences and more. Your person is waiting, but you have to be willing to take off your rose-colored glasses and see them. The person you least expect may be the perfect person for you if just given the chance.

Dear238 Quick Tip: The feeling of being in love and being loved is sublime; there is no better feeling.