Words And Actions


Do we really want honesty? There is a real rawness when we are brave enough to really express our true thoughts/intentions. Most say they are open to hear authentic feedback from their partners, family, or co-workers, but I call BS on 90% of the population who make this request.

No one, really wants to hear the truth. We live in this incredibly one-sided world where the minute we find out someone doesn’t like the way we look, dress, act; etc. we walk around either butt hurt, mad, or the rare 10% who actually don’t give a shit! Boy, I wish I was in that small percentage. Every day I work to put myself there mentally, but it is a challenge. It’s hard to let stuff roll off your back without carrying it around with you for weeks, months and sometimes years.

If we could just accept that not everyone is going to like you no matter how much you try, how much you give, or how you allow others to treat you the realization is this; there are people in this world who you will never please regardless. Understand, not everyone wants to be your friend. Ever hear someone say; it’s not you…it’s me? Believe it and don’t take it personally. Nonetheless, their actions still cause each of us at some point emotional pain, whether intended or not.

Now understanding that this it happens, how do we deal with it? Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy answer. In fact, being part of the 90% of folks who can easily be offended by other’s actions, I’m constantly reminding myself; “it’s not me…it’s them.” God give me the strength to go on while keeping a smile on my face.

Are you one who can just let things roll off your back or do you let what others say bother you? Comment below.

Dear238.com Quick Tip: If nothing else resonates from this blog. Remember as long as the intentions/actions are not said/done with malice, brush off the bad behavior you encountered by another. Do what you need to do to let it roll off your back…and please…do not carry it around with you – let it go!